Serco is on a mission, to improve public services and shapes the markets it is involved in, for the better. Operating alongside four core values of trust, care, innovation and pride, it has created a culture in which individual behaviours need to be motivated by honesty and a desire to do more and better,


“Our values need to be lived every day, used to help us work through any challenges we may face and help us recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve. It is important that we hold ourselves and others accountable for our values every day and have defined a set of behaviours that are expected from all of us. They describe how our behaviours bring Serco’s values to life.”


Having been invested and involved in the delivery of critical support services since 1929, Serco, it was in the 1970s and 1980s when serious diversification began, leading to key maintenance contracts, being listed on the London Stock Exchange. In the 1990s, international growth came naturally, as various governments were became to improve their public service offerings. Prison management, public transportation support and increased defence contracts all followed, but it’s the work Serco does for the Royal Navy that really stands out, because of its inherent importance and significance.


As a team of more than 50,000 professionals, managing more than 500 contracts of staggering sizes and levels of importance, throughout the world, Serco is no small fish and it aims to bring big energy to every undertaking.


Keeping the seas safe


It would be reasonable to wonder how much support the royal Navy actually needs. An institution still respected around the world, it has carved itself a reputation for operational excellence, but even the best organisations need support behind the scenes,


“Serco are proud to have been supporting the Royal Navy since 1996. We take great pride in our track record of exceptional service, combining innovation from industry with a real understanding of our customers’ requirements. Our customers trust us to support strategic national assets, knowing that we are committed to public services and the UK’s safety, security and prosperity. Our team combines decades of experience with highly specialised skills, to provide services ranging from towing submarines to trialling cutting edge maritime technology, from ferrying passengers to transporting irradiated nuclear fuel.”


The Maritime industry is vast and covers such a wide spectrum of activities that mastering them all would be a near-impossible task, or would it? As part of its work within the defence sector, Serco has gained a wealth of operational knowledge before specialising in the following:


Vessel provision – Far from just acquiring vessels for customers, Serco offers an end-to-end service, with designing, acquiring, management and operation all included. What’s more, this covers a vast array of vessel types, from fleets of new builds through to legacy, conversion and even chartered options. With more than two decades of experience within this arena, customers can rest easy knowing that Serco has a full understanding of all requirements, including regulatory.


A few key examples of projects undertaken within this vessel provision framework include search and rescue helicopter training, towage, pilot transfers, management of specialist nuclear fuel carrying vessels and the commissioning of new fleets.


Specialist mariners – “We manage over 800 UK national, security-cleared mariners specialising in the Defence and Nuclear sectors. This includes management of directly employed Serco seafarers and crew management for Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited seafarers. Our personnel and leadership understand the bespoke requirements of our public sector customers and take pride in supporting the safety, security and prosperity of the UK.”


Able to supply full crews, contingents of technical support and even apprentices, few companies have such a comprehensive grasp on appropriate personnel provision as Serco.


Vessel support – As well as being heavily involved in the provision of vessels and fleets, Serco offers technical management and support services that cover the full lifespan of any asset. What’s more, it is appropriately staffed and equipped to handle a diverse fleet, regardless of global location. Numerous customers who are beholden to certain budgetary expectations have already taken advantage of Serco’s expertise in regard to fleet modernisation and replacement.


Taking on a number of mechanical and electrical engineering projects, as well as providing maintenance workshops and docking services, vessels are well cared for, with waterfront duties also adding to a full complement of essential tasks.



The right people for important jobs


Given how critical maritime support is and the high profile of the clients involved, it makes sense that Serco is elective when it comes to its people. Not everybody has the right temperament, level of dedication or expertise to be a vital part in the large machine at play, but those that do make the cut are rewarded well,


“At Serco, not only is the nature of the work we do important, everyone has an important role to play, from caring for vulnerable people to managing complex public services. The nature of our business means you will do interesting work that matters, our diverse and global operations offer unrivalled opportunities to learn and develop and we are a motivated team who will encourage you and help you to succeed.”


Always undertaking valuable work that matters, Serco has recently renewed its partnership with Briggs Marine, in order to bid for the Royal Navy’s marine services contract again. Having worked together since 2007, supporting the Royal Navy and exceeding expectations, it is a tried and tested partnership that yields exacting results both at home and overseas. Few other operations can claim the same levels of dedication, knowledge and innovation, so it seems all but certain that the contract will be won, with Serco being rightfully proclaimed as masters of maritime.